Rene Castelijn



About Me

I am a photographic artist living and working in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Exhibitions, publicaties & series

2024 GRAW atelierexpo

2024 expo in de aanschouw

2024 publicatie in de Groter Rotterdamse Kunstkalender

2022 GRAW ateilierexpo

2021 GRAW Collaboration with Violina Jeliazkova).

2021 Pakje kunst (

2020 GRAW - Atelier Exhibition and Videoinstallatie

2017 Yakushima Mon Amour - Expo in collaboration with Dutch/Bulgarian Artist Violina Jeliazkova - Kunstkamer PlanT Antwerpen

2016 Cromagnon series programmed exhibition on the mediawall of the Rotterdamse Schouwburg

2014 From 2009 I work on an ungoing series of redefined aquaria

2014 Screening of the Mirror Hall pictures/AS-Film Studio’s- Noordereiland Rotterdam

2013 Cromagnon_Printed Magazine. Sold as an Art Magazine in the Wormshop/Rotterdam

2013 Group Exhibition Cromagnon/Ne Studios Noordereiland Rotterdam

2013 King for a day/PhotoSeries/Subject: change of rule from Beatrix to Willem

Alexander/Assignment Deelgemeente Feyenoord/Tante Nino Noordereiland Rotterdam

2012 Group expo NE Studios Fototentoonstelling/Binnenschippers

2011 KUKARO Kunstkamers Rotterdam/ Redefining the Aquarium

2010 Group Expo NE Studios/What vision is left and is anyone asking?

2009 Sein Zum Tode, Photo Document on a Dance Mirror Hall in Rijckevorsel, Belgium

2008 Solo Exhibition – Collected Photoworks from 3 series, Maaskade Galerie, Rotterdam

2008 Nostalgia – Photo Exhibition Bulgaria/Wereldwaag, Dordrecht

2007 Solo Exhibition about fear at the Dutch Punch festval, Dom Kino St Petersburg Russia

2009 Mein Angst- Enscenated photography that focuses on the Phenomenon of Fear

2007 Motorship Stubnitz/Documentary Photography about a former fishership from the

DDR, that travels through Europe as a mobile platform for cultural productions

2006 Nostalgia And Snowed Up Heroes. Since the beginning of this millenium I go to

Bulgaria. to capture the transistion from the traditional to the modern world

2005 Snowed Up Heroes, photobook own distribution, Sofia Bulgaria